Monday, May 21, 2012

Frustrations with Pharmacy!!!

OMG! If I wasn't a more pleasant person with such a nice disposition I tell you what, THAT pharmacist would loose his nose because I certainly would BITE it OFF!!! UGH!!! I am so MAD, I could spit NAILS!!!

Okay, so here is the reason why I am so frustrated... Last week, I was told to call my neurologist by my family doctor because I have been having a whole lot of issues with my back and legs as of the last oh say 2-3 months... My back muscles like freeze up at night causing my legs not to work in the morning - AT ALL... I can not flip them out of bed, I can not sit up by myself, I can not get out of bed without help, much less start walking without assistance... So, My neurologist prescribed Baclofen 20 mgs for me to take at bedtime and I am to take the Baclofen 10 mgs twice a day still... Meaning, I am to take 40 mgs of Baclofen a day... WELL, the damn pharmacist didn't even TRY to send the 20 mg prescription through to my Insurance because he JUST filled my 10 mg prescription a few days ago... HE wanted me to double up on the 10 MG at night, NOT thinking that I MAY have to continue taking the med twice a day as of yet... Instead, HE just told me to double up, not even try to send it through, and just let it go... YEAH, doesn't work that way buddy!!! I know WTF my neurologist told me to do with MY MEDS and MY HEALTH!!! Do your JOB ASS-MUNCH and DON'T TRY AND PLAY SOMEONES DOCTOR!!! UGH!!!

Needless to say, the pharmacist feels like a jack-wagon now and is filling my prescription for the Baclofen 20 mg... I called my Insurance carrier and found out what was going on then called the pharmacy and told him exactly what to do... I really do not think he liked that I was not going to play his games and know exactly what to do... Yeah, I am not as dumb as I look or as dumb as people think I may be... Sure, my daughter may have to get my medication for me, but she tells me exactly what is said... I WILL call my insurance carrier and find out the truth of the  matter... IF there is a problem, I WILL get it taken care of IF there is a medication that I NEED!!! Geesy peasy, I live with enough pain and BS because of the MS... Any and ALL relief I can get, YOU BET I am going to take it!!! Come hell or high water!!! Seriously, WTF do these people think??? I mean really??? I mean it's a holy SFD moment... For those who don't know what a "SFD moment" is let me translate, but please forgive my language a second... A "SFD moment" is a "Shit, F^*k, Damn moment..." Sorry... You were pondering and you know it... LOL... I don't usually swear, but seriously, really - Really - REALLY??? Come on!!! Dude!!! Its just BS that people think they can dick us around like that... I am so tired of it... It's not like I am using and abusing my medication or some stupid crap like that... It's enough to make my head hurt!!!


  1. Hey! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I had a similar issue at the pharmacy. Best thing is tomorrow is a new day! Hugs your way

  2. This is where playing your "Own Best Advocate" comes in handy... I had to do the job of the pharmacist, calling my insurance company, asking the pertinent questions, and finding out the right answers just to get my prescription filled... ALL to find out in the long run, my neurologist wants me to take the 20 mg Baclofen 3 times a day - not just at bedtime... Either way, it doesn't matter because there is no limit on the Baclofen as far as my insurance company is concerned... Even though I got the 10 mg's filled on the 17th, did not mean I couldn't get the 20 mg's filled as soon as the pharmacy received the fax from my neurologist's office... The pharmacist was just being a jack-wagon who was trying to play my doctor; which he didn't have the right to do... He didn't even TRY to send the prescription through - that is what frustrated me the most!!! UGH, what a Jack- wagon!!! This is the exact reason why I chose to use a totally different pharmacy for the rest of my meds - unless I need them IMMEDIATELY...

    You are absolutely correct: Today is a new day! A BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL new day!!! Life is beautiful when you can see the forest for the trees :) <3 Hugs and Smiles